In TMID, Brian specifically addresses old methods of management and explain why they are no longer effective. He then details how Agile Leadership revolutionizes the way leaders accomplish their goals.

  • You’re Holding Your Employees Hostage

    Traditional management believes in time-based employment. Employees work from 9-5 and receive a paycheck for being present during the allotted time. But what happens when someone does his/her best work from 2-7 p.m.? Brian believes the best way to increase productivity is by switching the focus from time to results. Instead of telling your team members they can’t stop working until a given time, give them the goals and tell them to manage their time accordingly. You get more accomplished and utilize individuals’ preferred time and methods of working, all while increasing team member happiness.

  • Job Descriptions Limit Everyone

    Traditional management wants to have a very detailed and specific job description for each employee. They should know precisely each task for which they are responsible. Brian sees job descriptions as one of the most limiting factors placed on a team member. By forcing a specific job description on a team member, you limit what you, as the leader, expect of that member. You set him/her up to refuse work that is outside the description and leave their untapped potential buried and useless.

  • You’re Wasting Your Time on Your Lowest Performers

    Traditional management says that these are the people who need the most supervision. This means they require the majority of your time. Brian recognizes that if you spend your time with your highest performers, you will get more accomplished. You’ll improve your own job satisfaction. You’ll turn your highest performers into all-stars, and your lowest performers will either rise to the challenge or leave.

After taking one of Brian’s classes, I felt confident in my ability to utilize Agile leadership methods. Almost two months later, and I’m getting more done than ever before and finally living life on my terms. – Mike B.

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