Get ready for a day of learning, sharing, and collaborating.

On June 2nd, IIL is bringing together the world’s foremost thought leaders and influencers-people who have not only developed, but have successfully applied Agile Project Management and Scrum methods to strategic initiatives, including scaling Agile in the enterprise.

This jam-packed virtual conference features five keynote addresses, each followed by a live Q&A period with the speaker. Choose from 18+ sessions focusing on Getting Started, Current Practices, Advanced Topics, and Case Studies. Brian Rabon will be delivering his keynote speech, Traditional Management is Dead: It’s time for the Agile Leadership Revolution at 2:15pm EDT.

Join us to hear from–and interact with–speakers who have blazed the trail from traditional waterfall to Agile methods in projects across a host of application areas, such as product development, operations, finance, sales and marketing.

Whether you’re wondering what all the buzz is about in Agile and Scrum, or have several successful projects “under your belt” and want to learn more, this is the place to be on June 2nd. Click here to learn more.